1. dear me,

    time for you to do more, go places, learn more, exercise, see more, work more, change a bit, open up, meet people, make friends, write, shop, try foods, have fun.

    time for you to stop winning, complaining, expecting, wanting, wishing, crying, etc. just go out there and do it.
    do it for yourself, don’t just wait it out.

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  7. Get creative!

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  9. Sometimes white is pretty!

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  13. so cute! i find this a very nice way of making your own vases, cheap and with the exact color you want! not only vases, you could use them to hold flowers or even just for decor! i love them!

  14. did it!!


  15. Tutorial & Tips !

    Tj Max has glass bowls like that (whatever they might be called)

    Dollar store has the glow in dark sticks &they are 1 dollar!!

    Grab a few and cut them upon the glass bowl

    use gloves so you won`t get them on your hands! and have glowing hands and bad tasting for a while… (trust me, I tried!) you could even cut the stick in smaller pieces and leave them in the bowl.

    close cap after you pour all the waterish color out.

    Mix or keep it simple!

    and the final product should look something like this.

    -It will most likely die out after a couple days/ weeks so if you really like it just keep adding to it!